Trunk Equipment Integrated Group For JL

Trunk Equipment Integrated Group For JL

The new FURY product is a must-have artifact for off-road vehicles for long-distance self-driving, making your messy trunk more tidy and orderly. Next, we will unveil this product one by one.

First of all, the name of this product display that it must not be a single function trunk equipment integration group. Completely subvert all the trunk storage products on the market, it Integrate "trunk compartment, side window expansion panel, air pump, cart bracket, clothes rail, outdoor dining table", which are the necessary equipment for our daily travel. 

I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with trunk mezzanine. There are many options on the market. There are canvas, roller shutter style, folding, and luggage frame fixed to the trunk. Of course, these products are also very practical, but They have different degrees of inconvenience. They are either very soft, insufficient weight, or abnormal noise, or they take up the storage space of the trunk and cannot put large items, or affect the entire trunk and rear row. Penetration, some car owners habitually live in the car when traveling outdoors, which also affects the functional use of the car. Or occasionally this inter-layer will become an obstacle when you have to pull some relatively large items. Then we made a comprehensive optimization for these inconveniences.

So starting from his first function, the "trunk compartment and dining table" match, which is different from the products on the market. First of all, its fixing method is detachable. It can be switched back and forth between the roof and the mezzanine. The knob and screw are fixed, very firm and reliable. And there will be no abnormal noise in the off-road process, of course, the practicability outdoors is greatly improved.

We can attach it to the top and fix it to ensure the transparency and integrity of the trunk and the rear space, and the space utilization rate is greater, without affecting the functional use of the compartment we mentioned above.

This mezzanine can also be transformed into a dining table. We have fixed four detachable table legs at the base of the side window expansion panel. This mezzanine can be quickly transformed into an outdoor dining table with a size of "100cm X 45cm X 60cm". This size is more than enough for a family outdoor camping picnic, cooking and dining. And this table leg can be fine-adjusted by the screw, suitable for all kinds of uneven roads.

The second function "side window expansion panel", we released a seat expansion panel a few months ago, the market feedback is very good, everyone knows that it is our military version of the product, we will also this product Designed in the "Trunk Integrated Equipment Group", this kind of expansion panel first appeared in the military's equipment fixing plate to fix weapons and individual equipment. It can quickly disassemble and assemble various weapons and equipment, and can save space.

Our most commonly used outdoor off-road equipment "air pump, air gun, radio host, trailer belt, U-hook, common tools", etc., can be fixed on the expansion panels on both sides, and each strap of the panel is surrounded by screws. Holes can be used to fix various equipment. Fully maximize the use of the trunk space and orderly.

Of course, there is also a hidden function "clothes pole". This function may seem strange to everyone on the Wrangler, but it is actually very practical. We are camping outdoors, crossing. Some travel times are longer. Clothes that are stuffy in the suitcase for a long time will be moldy and smelly. Then we can use this clothes rail to take out the clothes for ventilation, or we can wash the T-shirts and dry them in the car. These functional expansions make your outdoor travel more intimate and comfortable.


Hope you likes this new product, I believe it must can bring you a better outdoor experience.


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