Rear axle shield For Jeep Wrangler JK JL

Rear axle shield For Jeep Wrangler JK JL

During the off-road process, we will encounter various stones and other obstacles in many terrains. Although our chassis structure has been upgraded to different degrees, the ground clearance of the body will become higher, but the body will only become higher. , The bridge will only increase with the size of the tires, but not much. Then we often encounter the situation of being pushed to the front and rear bridges by stones during off-road.

We will replace and strengthen the front axle for most major upgrades. But not many people change the rear axle, because everyone knows that the strength of the original Wrangler rear axle is sufficient to support most of the upgrade plans, so the rear axle that we ignore the most is the rear axle.

The casting process of the axle housing itself has a certain strength, but the metal toughness of the casting process is not very good. It is easy to understand that it is relatively brittle and may be cracked under severe impact. The strengthening of the front axle and guard plate of the heavy plan can protect our front axle to a certain extent, but after the front axle passes, it will go to the rear axle that we neglected. It still needs to withstand the same environment as the front axle again. Then our product can improve the combat effectiveness of the rear axle.

The inclination of the rear axle shield allows the rear axle to have a good buffer and support when encountering boulders and gravel, and it can also slide with the inclination angle of the shield. Protect our rear axle housing to the utmost extent and avoid rupture of the axle housing and damage to the speed ratio and differential (lock). In addition to protecting the rear axle housing, the covering area of the shield also plays a very good role in protecting the rear drive shaft.

The installation of the shield is very simple. It is fixed at three points by three U-shaped hoops and is installed in the original position without damage. Applicable to all models of JK and JL. FURY's representative two colors are available: Samurai Black/Titanium Gray. This is an essential component that is not only practical, but also allows everyone to squat down and admire your chassis.




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