Gravity Series Multifunctional Side Tool Box For Jeep Wrangler JL

Gravity Series Multifunctional Side Tool Box For Jeep Wrangler JL

"Multifunctional Side Box"

Will continue to deeply evolve your Wrangler

- Main part -

The carbon fiber box shell enhances the texture,at the same time,the strength is very high, and the matte carbon fiber surface makes the whole Box full with the feeling of military.

The LOGO part is the highlight. We tried to use the composite structure inlay at the first time. The embossed high-gloss LOGO inlaid in the tempered glass makes the whole box more harmonious and mysterious.

The fusion of dry carbon and metal engraved parts remains a signature feature of the Gravity Series.

The opening method of the double knob makes the opening more ceremonial.

The design of the opening and closing support of the double hydraulic rod can effectively eliminate the problem of abnormal noise during driving. The structural design of the sealing strip not only solves the possible abnormal noise problem, but also has better sealing performance. Needn’t use glass glue for installation.

- Lighting system -

Equipped with lights,Use Android USB socket for charging, it is more convenient to use in camping activities, with two modes of long-light and light-sensing, and the battery in high-light and long-light state can reach 5~6 hours.

- Cabinet compartment -

Adjustable quick-release compartments allow for more flexible use of space. The compartment can be detached and fastened to the bottom when layering is not required.

The box has three states

Closed state/half open state/full open state, the three states have different functions.

- Closed State -

The side window glass of the trunk is basically redundant for the Wrangler. The full use of this part can not only protect the privacy of the trunk, but also add a lot of just-needed functions.


- Half open state -

The flexibility of quick opening and closing of the side case can be used as a temporary storage platform.

- Fully open state -

In outdoor camping off-road, it can be used as a simple cooking table, and seasoning and tableware can be fixed inside the box.

- Equipment scheme of the cabinet -

I believe that everyone has also encountered problems with the placement of equipment and items. If the placement and fixing method are not correct, there will be abnormal noises, especially the fixed position of vehicle equipment, which is a headache for everyone. The expansion equipment strap in the box perfectly solves these problems.

- ARB single and double cylinder air pump solution -

The air pump has a different meaning for the Wrangler. At present, everyone fixes it on the inside of the trunk, which is not only inconvenient to use, but also has different degrees of abnormal noise during off-roading. The space of the saddlebag perfectly accommodates the air pump, and the position and fixing method are more reasonable and reliable


- Off-road equipment integration solution -

Fire extinguishers/common emergency tools/off-road equipment are all essential for everyone. Reasonable and stable storage is very important.

- The ratio of the Box -

In addition to the coordination between the shape ratio and the height of the body, the inlaid ultra-thin design of the box will not have any impact on the rear view.Ensure a safe field of vision during driving.

- Compatibility -

Perfectly compatible with the FURY trunk integrated equipment set, compatible with the air pump and air storage tank, the double-face position at the rear of the box and the equipment expansion belt, so that any items can be expanded and fixed inside the trunk without damage to the installation.


Hope you like this product!

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