Gravity Series Hood Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL

Gravity Series Hood Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL

From the entry of the Engraver Series to the growth of the Armory series, to the breakthrough of the Awaken series, on the way back to the original heart,

The new series ---"Gravity" will take you into a higher dimension of design.

The beginning work of the fourth series of "Gravity" ----- Carbon Fiber Hood Cover Sets.

Equipped with:

Carbon Fiber Cover / Aluminum Alloy Nozzle / See-through glass / Carbon engine guard / Metal engine heat shield

This product uses a new material: carbon fiber

At present, our common car carbon fiber products are divided into dry carbon process and wet carbon process. Of course, there are many fiberglass sandwich type and water transfer type imitation carbon fiber. The most common on the market is the wet carbon process, which uses vacuum diversion or hand lay-up process. The cost is very low and the process is simple. There is no intensity at all. Due to process limitations, air bubbles, yellowing and discoloration will occur during the use of the product. Unable to meet the needs of customers who have a higher pursuit of quality.

The dry carbon process belongs to the Top1 of carbon fiber products. It is made of carbon fiber prepreg and is integrally formed by autoclave at high temperature and high pressure. It has high strength, good molding effect, flat surface and light weight. Most of it is used for top super sports car and racing car body structure and covering parts, as well as various aviation materials, the production cost is very high.

The main body of the FURY "Gravity" hood cover is made of the best dry carbon craftsmanship and integrated with Japanese Toray carbon cloth. Whether it is strength or texture, it is impeccable.

The design of the air intake grille is low-key, and the overall proportion is restrained and smooth while not being exaggerated.

Let the imagination in the four-dimensional space become a reality. The dry carbon engine guard and the metal engine heat shield show a brave and honest soul.

 The design of see-through glass gives the whole car a nobleness from the inside out.

The aluminum alloy hood cover sprinkler continues the FURY craftsmanship, and the embellishment of the mechanical tough shape makes the overall machine cover more refined and durable.

The angles and gaps fit closely with the frame of the original car, and the overall fit is flush with the frame of the original car.

-Effect drawing of other colors of spray paint-

Only by removing the superfluous modification can you outline the beauty of simplicity to the extreme. The fourth series of FURY brings you a higher-dimensional visual impact.

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