Gravity Series Car Key Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL

Gravity Series Car Key Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL

—— Gravity Series Car Key Cover ——

Reference on the mechanical design concept of the watch, plus the master's craftsman skills. Nearly 20 components, each structural design, every process details, highlights Fury's intention to work.

Mechanical and aesthetics, each structure ratio and outstanding detail texture, make the no regular splicing to be coordinate.

In order to highlight the level of layering, incorporate a variety of material elements, if the structure in a not properly design, it will have a serious impact on the signal. The side signal transmitter solves the problem of signal emission and electrostatic shielding problems perfectly, allowing the transmission distance more stable.

- Resettlement site for the spare keys -

One of the highlights of this kit, MINI rocker structure design, let you have a ceremony every time you use it. While having practicality, let the overall style look more tough.

When using the standby key, whether the opening of the fuel tank cover or the opening of the door spare key, the design of the rocker arm is very convenient to use it.

- Material elements -

Forging carbon fiber \ reinforced glass \ aluminum magnesium alloy \ composite material \ stainless steel \ silicone

Carbon fibers As the main element of the Fury gravity series, the carbon fiber assembly of this car key cover is extremely high.

- Two-button Key version / Four-button key version -

In addition to the two-button version of the original key, there is also a four-button remote start version, which is perfectly compatible with the gravity key set.

Side A, side B, and the keychain have a very high level of connection.

- Factory equipped -

In addition to the silicone key chain, it is also equipped with a multifunctional installation tool.

In the pursuit of proportion and unique structure design, FURY has always adhered to its own design style, and has never stopped optimizing the proportion of the structure, and is committed to making more perfect and better works.


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