Gravity Series A-pillar integrated lighting system for Wrangler JL JT

Gravity Series A-pillar integrated lighting system for Wrangler JL JT

— Product Components —

A-pillar multi-function integrated rail bracket X2 ; Spotlight X2 ; GoPro bracket X1 ; Spotlight release bracket X6; Fog light plate X2 Spare seal X4

— Spotlight and release structure —

The spotlight has three unique design highlights: quick release base design, link angle adjustment design, safety pin design

The quick-release design allows the spotlight to be disassembled and assembled within 10 seconds, which is convenient and quick to deal with any emergencies.

The design of the safety pin adds a guarantee to the quick-release structure, the location is hidden, and it cannot be disassembled without understanding the product structure.To some extent, it acts as an anti-theft function.

The quick-release waterproof aviation plug also assists the removal of the main body of the spotlight.

Link-type angle adjustment, the factory is equipped with an adjustment wrench, and the lighting angle can be adjusted through a two-way connecting rod, which is more convenient, stable and reasonable.

— Expansion and modularization of integrated rails —

Modular structure design, the front, middle and rear guide rails can be flexibly switched, each module can slide flexibly on any guide rail, and the modules are divided into three placement forms on each guide rail: horizontal/45°/side placement

4 quick release modules can be placed anywhere

【Common module】

Fix the spotlight in any position of any model

【Gopro module】

Fixed motion camera, gimbal adjustment requires the adapter that comes with the camera

【Spotlight Level Module】

To realize the connection and position adjustment of the spotlight and the guide rail, this module is suitable for the horizontal position, and the spotlight can be adjusted to rotate 90°

【Spotlight 45° Module】

Modify the spotlight to a 45° inclined plane, and still maintain a horizontally connected module

"All modules come with 2 except the Gopro bracket"

Common module use presentation —

Module flexible adjustment example

— Waterproof performance —

— Material matching —

Two colors of black/titanium gray, no matter the spotlight or the guide rail, the position of each logo is the ultimate embossed high-gloss process

The splicing of dry carbon fiber reflects the texture of the "Gravity Series" most vividly.

— Brightness display of a single spotlight —

— Thermal performance —

The enlarged layered heat sink of the FURY spotlight and the specially treated physical connection maximize the heat dissipation performance.

— Loading effect —


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