Fury Engraver Revolver Ashtray

Fury Engraver Revolver Ashtray

The name "Revolver Ashtray" already tells everyone about its design elements. I believe that everyone is no stranger to revolver. Revolver can always appear in all kinds of gunfight movies and TV dramas. If there is a pistol that can represent the heroes in movie and TV dramas, and it must be the revolver. This product is also our FURY iconic two colors, samurai black/titanium gray. Hope everyone likes this work.

Next is the inner warehouse, U-shaped cigarette holder design, so that the cigarette is not placed in nowhere. The smoke extinguishing board also adopts a one-piece carving process. The three gaps allow us to quickly fall into the inner warehouse when the smoke is extinguished, and no more fly ash. A strong magnet is installed on the front to make the screw cap closed more securely and avoid some misoperations.

The bottom cover adopts an upper and lower split structure, and the knob-like design of the ball lock allows us to quickly rotate and separate the bottom for easy cleaning. The bottom cover is equipped with a sealing ring and will not leak when water is poured into it. It can even be used as a water container in an emergency.

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