Fury Outdoor Equipment Groups

Fury Outdoor Equipment Groups

"Outdoor equipment" has gradually become a "necessity" for many people, but you will find that all kinds of equipment on the marketing look the same except for the LOGO, except for the ordinary brought you by homogenization. The volume and storage are also extremely inconvenient. FURY "redefines" outdoor equipment.

  1. — Camping Equipment Integrated System—

The most important and most anticipated part of the outdoors, "picnic". Cooking equipment is a relatively tedious preparation for everyone, either insufficient preparation, or missing anything, and the whole trunk is flooded with bits and pieces, and the camping equipment system "One box" solves all problems.

— Main structure and function —

The combination of metal and plastic is also the first attempt of FURY to make the overall equipment more industrial and aesthetic.

Cooking table/water storage bucket/outdoor stove/windbreaker/pot/tableware/knives/seasoning bottle/tableboard integrates all the above functions into one.

— How to use  —

Equipped with pots X6 / Kettle X1 / Cup X4 / Plate X4 / Bowl X3 / Chopsticks X3 / Spoon X3 / Fork X3 / Knife X1 / Outdoor gas stove X1 / Windproof board X4 / Seasoning bottle X4 / Operation board X2 / Cooking Table X1 / 5L Water Storage Bottle X1 / Ground Nail X8 Universal Kitchen Pliers X1 / Gas Tank Protective Shell X1 / Tableware Storage Bag X1

— Expanding windbreaks —

Built-in anti-sealing plate, can be nailed in anywhere

— Multifunctional expansion equipment table —

"Two chairs and one table will occupy the entire trunk", this is the most troublesome thing for you. The multifunctional expansion gear table compresses the space to a minimum while giving you three tables and three stools. The static load-bearing capacity of the main table is 60KG, and the static load-bearing capacity of the extended shelf is 30KG, which maximizes the function.

- Main Structure -

FURY's iconic embossed design and metallic texture, it highlights the military style to the extreme. The expansion grid panels of the hidden storage racks on both sides are convenient for expansion and fixation in the use state and the roof loading state.

— How to use  —

Equipped with main table X1 / extended shelf X2 / folding canvas stool X3 / seat storage bag X3 / reinforced link belt X2

The height of the table can be adjusted in two steps from 290 to 520 mm, the size of the desktop is 680X810mm, and the two extended shelves have the same size of 590mmX288mm and a height of 270mm. The proportions are as follows:

— Expanding the pressurized water tank —

Whether it's an off-road vehicle or a motorhome, having a pressurized water storage tank outdoors is a lot more convenient. No more stuffing greasy and dusty gear back into the car, just wash it right away.

- Main Structure -

Continuing the military style of FURY, the inlaid metal engraved expansion board can fix any equipment. The capacity of 15 liters is sufficient for regular travel protection. In addition to the pressure relief valve, it is also equipped with a negative pressure valve to better adapt to harsh environments such as plateaus. Built-in buffer structure,Maximize the mute effect when it is not fully loaded. The installation structure is suitable for various models and various types of luggage racks.

— How to use  —

In addition to the car, the handle design of the pressurized water tank is convenient for moving the water tank after disassembly. Applicable to more scenes, the water gun can be adjusted, and the water spray method can be controlled at will.

— Multi-function Oil Cans/ Tailgate Integrated Equipment 

The gear bucket is especially useful when it's critical, and you've probably been stashing it in the trunk and on the roof of your car all the time.

—Multi-function Oil Cans—

The 8L capacity does not conflict with the coordinated size. The expansion panels on both sides can have very ideal installation positions and expansion positions no matter where you fix the equipment bucket. The matte semi-transparent black cover and the fusion of metal embossing, Make it more mysterious outfit.

— How to use  —

— Tailgate Integrated Equipment Kit —

Retractable and adjustable thickness, compatible with 2 equipment barrels and 4 equipment barrels, which can be switched at will. The lockable structure has a good anti-theft function, and the universal spotlight bracket can expand any lighting fixture.

— How to use —

Tailgate integrated equipment kit, compatible with many mainstream models, Mercedes-Benz G / Wrangler JL / Wrangler JK / Land Rover Defender / Tank 300, etc.

[Double-layer equipment ratio]

 Gas Stove —

An outdoor gas stove suitable for multiple scenes, necessary equipment for outdoor camping, with the smallest volume and enough firepower. Coupled with a tough enough structure, it gives you strong protection outdoors.

- Main Structure -

FURY's iconic overall engraving process, with high-gloss embossed badges, all details are impeccable.Folding triangular support structure allows for compatibility of all sizes of cookware.

Equipped with equipment furnace main body X1 / gas tank protective shell X1 / air pressure control connecting pipe X1.

— How to use —

About the storage space ratio (refer to the trunk of Wrangler JL)

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