Fury Engraver Armory Series, Wrangler Front and Rear bars

Fury Engraver Armory Series, Wrangler Front and Rear bars

Willis is the ancestor of cross-country vehicles, and the horse herders of jeep are the most orthodox inheritors of hardline cross-country vehicles and have carried jeep's flag in the cross-country industry. Herdsmen stand out from many off-road vehicles with their classic retro, hard-going appearance and strong off-road performance, which is the sentiment of many off-road enthusiasts.

 Everyone all know that bumpers may be the most difficult to choose in terms of appearance parts. From foreign brands, to domestic brands, and various imitations, it is really difficult to choose. In addition, choosing long bars or short bars is a tangled problem for many Wrangler owners. Choosing long bars is worried that they will not be able to use them after changing large tires in the future, because the tires will rub against the bumper, so choose short bars; Unsmooth connection with the wheel eyebrows will cause gaps in breakpoints. The FURY military series may help these car owners solve some of the problems. First of all, the front and rear bars of the military version can be disassembled on both sides to turn into short bars. Before disassembly, his shape is very intuitive to everyone, and it is completely restored in everyone’s mind. Retro Willis image, this bumper is very suitable for plain car style modification schemes below 4.5 inches.

  • Armory / Front bumper

The front bumper retains the simplicity and rudeness of Willis, the king of war. Compared to the steel beasts with exaggerated appearance and armed to the teeth, a set of classic car-style modification schemes will make everyone shine. Suddenly I remembered the sentence "If you feel confused and want to change and don't know where to start, then go back to the original point." Maybe this is the real return to nature. The first visual sense of the military version of the front bumper may look like a "channel steel" like Willis, but our designers perfectly combine the classics with modern industry. It is by no means as simple as a channel steel, and fully demonstrates its classics. Sexual beauty without losing the toughness of the war machine. The design of the heavy industry heat dissipation hole has absorbed most of the military vehicle elements, and the details still inherit FURY's main production technology. The LOGO and decorative board accessories are embossed and high-gloss mirrors. It is not only a sheet metal product, it is a composite process product of sheet metal, machining, and industrial chemistry.

  • Armory / Rear bumper

The overall design of the rear bar is consistent with that of the front bar, and the detail accessories and logo are also carving techniques. The designer has fully considered the connection between the rear bumper angle and the wheel brow to make it fit perfectly and blend with the body naturally. A beautiful rear bar must consider the transition with the wheel brow. The trailer hook is the same as the armor structure, which is the same as the longitudinal beam embedding method, which makes the towing out of trouble more safe and reliable.

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