Fury Engraver Armory Series/Seat Expansion Panel

Fury Engraver Armory Series/Seat Expansion Panel

The product promoted in this issue should be the most versatile product of FURY, which is suitable for all models, even small cars can "as long as your car has seats". The naming has already destined it must be a component full of combat atmosphere. The overall appearance design still continues Fury's sense of equipment and machinery. Let me introduce this seat expansion panel to you.

The market launch of panels is divided into three plans to meet the needs of various car owners, namely: main driving plan/passenger driving plan/bare board plan (the price of the three equipment plans is different, please consult the local modification shop for details).

 [Main Driver Panel Plan]: Panel main body/piece, medical kit/piece, multi-function tool/piece, bright flashlight/piece, expansion equipment package (medium size)/piece, fire extinguisher/piece.

[Co-pilot panel plan]: main body of the panel, 2 expansion equipment packages (small), 1 expansion equipment package (medium), 1 expansion equipment package (large), and fire extinguishers/unit.

[Naked board plan]: Panel body/piece, 10 Velcro straps (used to fix any off-road equipment and tools, set according to your own habits and needs) The following is a display diagram of our fixed part of the commonly used off-road equipment.

The upper and lower four fixed buckles of the panel are all metal quick-release buckles, so that the entire panel can be quickly disassembled in an emergency.

Mechanical sink splicing design, and eye-catching fury logo, conspicuous U.S. military certification mark. Equipped with military engine room control box and other components. It's enough to show your inner turmoil.

I believe this seat expansion panel can bring out a full of tough guys no matter it is installed in any car model.


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