Fury Engraver Armory Key Shell

Fury Engraver Armory Key Shell

 Most people is looking forward to this key case . This small cultural product still continues the main design style and carving process of FURY. This product is divided into two versions, namely Wrangler JL and Wrangler JK. Both versions have two colors for everyone to choose from, still the iconic color of FURY, samurai black\titanium gray. Let's take a look at this metal and mechanical key shell.

This key case combines part of the battle armor series design elements and military version design elements, as well as a part of the "third element". The appearance of the third element also heralds the beginning of FURY's third series "awakening". At the same time, it also summarizes the "battle armor" and "military version." The mechanical feel of splicing elements and the natural color of the exposed aluminum-magnesium alloy make this product more primitive metal texture. The neat knife pattern will also better present and popularize the industrial production itself. The cutting surface of the knife pattern is also It allows everyone to fully see the purest process of engraving.

This product does not need to destroy the original factory keys and is installed in the original position. The factory comes with a U-shaped horseshoe buckle, so you can DIY your favorite key chain. At the same time, it will not affect the original remote control signal.

Through intuitive semi-finished products, to finished products, we not only have to experience the first semi-finished coating, but also the second 3D package knife surface processing, which increases a lot of scrap probability, but in order to make the ultimate product, this is the embodiment of the FURY craftsman spirit. 

Let's chose the suitable color for yourself!


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