Fury Engraver Armory Flagpole Bracket

Fury Engraver Armory Flagpole Bracket

This products really show the temperament of the general version to the extreme. I don’t know what your first feeling is, but the most intuitive perspective of most people is "GUN". While presenting a sense of hardcore equipment, the military version of the flagpole stand is made The craftsmanship is still the mainstream technique of FURY. The main body is still carved in one piece, made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. All the edges and corners are clear and clean. The design of the Picatinny rail is more harmonious with the full range of military products.

The appropriate military certification mark, and the upper and lower handle screws can ensure that the flagpole is more stable and firmer.

The antenna bracket is also a guide rail design, which can be fixed at will on the left and right sides, and can also be moved up and down. It is suitable for various off-road vehicle modification schemes. The fixed bracket of the main body of the flagpole frame can be rotated 360° and can be installed in both forward and reverse directions. Regardless of whether you have a spare tire or how big the tire is, you can flexibly adjust it according to the actual situation.

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