Fury Engraver Awaken Series Control Module

Fury Engraver Awaken Series Control Module

This is the dream product that many JL owners have been waiting for, Awaken Series Control Module.After the JK version of the control module was launched, our design, ideas, and the practicability of this product have been strongly recognized, because at the beginning of the JK version we tried to match the JL model, and always felt that it was relatively modern and smoother than the JL. The decorations are not very good, so I have been thinking about what kind of exterior design should be more harmonious with the new Wrangler. Let's take a taste of this belated poison.

The functional areas of the JL version and JK version have not changed. First of all, the front end of the control box is a 4 ohm 5 watt speaker, which is used to connect to the car radio. At present, everyone’s desk speakers are either hidden under the seat or placed In the trunk, there are even more outrageous ones that are placed in the armrest box. These positions not only affect the appearance, but the important thing is that you can't hear the call of teammates during the journey or when playing music. The control module makes the entire integrated system the best. The front position is reserved for the radio speakers, not only does not affect the appearance, but the sound source is just above your head. Let you receive teammate information more clearly. The product is equipped with a speaker extension cord to directly connect to the radio host without modification.

Next, there is an area reserved for the installation of the separation panel of the car radio. The current factory reservation is reserved in accordance with the factory separation panel bracket of the "Yaeshu 7900", because this is the most cost-effective and most used model. Other models can also be expanded, but some small DIY changes are needed. It should be a small problem for you guys of the car gods. Depending on your personal habits, the hand microphone can be set on the side of the control box or in the central control. The product comes with a hand microphone extension cable.

The next area is the lighting. The front lighting of this Wrangler model is a problem, and the night lighting effect is very poor. The lighting system of the control box perfectly solves this problem. It is more convenient to use at night and is controlled by a switch for the main and co-pilot.

The next area is the most controllable toggle switch panel panel, which is composed of 2 anti-misoperation toggles and 2 conventional toggles. Each switch group has an anti-collision ring separated. The purpose of this design is to avoid some misoperations.

The area further down is the knob switch panel, four knob switches with lights make the whole control system more textured. It can be connected to an external air pump, spotlight, differential lock and other equipment, set according to personal habits.

The last area is the storage box. The JL version of the storage box should be the biggest highlight of this product. The awakening style of future equipment adds a lot of mystery to this storage box. It can hold some personal belongings, certificates, etc. The things are within reach. The design of the push ball lock is also very convenient to use.

In addition to the above functional areas, the overall appearance of the Awaken Series Control Module is also very high. The main craft is still the main design style of FURY. The Awaken future equipment sense matches the new Wrangler more harmoniously, and the third series "Awaken" other products are also more integrated. I hope everyone likes this new product.



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