Fury Armory Series Roof Platform for Jeep Wrangler JK JL

Fury Armory Series Roof Platform for Jeep Wrangler JK JL

The work in this issue is a blank area of FURY, and it also has two versions, JK and JL. Let's analyze this " Armory Series Roof Platform" in detail below.

First of all, we start with the JK version.

The main structure of the overall tank chain highlights the toughness of its military version. The LOGO and military version certification codes are both embossed and mirrored. The rear louvered heat dissipation grille makes the platform more equipped, while supporting military side skirts and side bars make the overall body side more coordinated. The bracket of this tactical roof platform is different from the products on the market. It is integrally sculpted, and the contoured surface completely fits the body design, which is more stable and firm. At the same time, the texture of the mechanical structure is essentially different from sheet metal products.

The rear bracket of the JK version is a bright spot. Due to the structural characteristics of the JK version, we designed two brackets at the rear end, which not only play a more reliable fixing role, but also reserve a more reasonable installation position for the reversing lights. It can fix not only square lights of various styles, but also strip lights with corresponding lengths.

The design of the front spotlight bracket is a slidable module group, the length can be adjusted by the slidable module, and any size bar light can be installed, and the limit space range is 120cm.

Each platform crossbar is a tubular guide rail, which can be expanded and fixed to any module. In the future, we will also support the functional module group products for this roof platform.

The fastening module on the side of the platform can be used as a tensioner or a rope anchor point, with 7 anchor points on each side, making it easier to fix the equipment.


The JL version differs from the JK version in the following points. The first is the side brackets. The JL version is not suitable for mounting brackets on the rear due to the body structure. Therefore, the JL version brackets are on the side of the main body with 3 groups on each side. The second is that the rear spotlight bracket is different from the JK version. The JL rear spotlight bracket is an extended module group, which can also fix any size strip light or square light.

Unlike the JK version, the JL rear spotlight bracket is an expansion module group, which can also fix any size bar or square light.

Except for the size and bracket, the main structure and function are the same as the JK version.

Every part of the roof platform and the mirror effect of the decorative panel are all finished by the engraving process, and every line detail can withstand the test of everyone's microscope.

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