Awaken Series Roof Rack & Flagpole Bracket & Side Bar

Awaken Series Roof Rack & Flagpole Bracket & Side Bar

The 5th anniversary of FURY is approaching, and the four series of Armory / Engraver / Awaken / Gravity have penetrated into the hearts of fans of different styles. In the next days, FURY will iterate around the four series to supplement the initial closure of FURY awakening in 2020. After three years, let the feelings Return to feelings. Let the awakening series continue, starting from the mainstream era of JK, and inheriting from the era of JL.

There are three new products of "Awaken Series":

Awaken Series Roof Platform / Awaken Flagpole Bracket/ Awaken Side Bar

1. Awaken SeriesRoof Platform

- Main Structure -

The structure of full mechanical connection makes the platform more flexible and applicable. While ensuring the stability and strength, the extremely light weight of 23KG and the all-aluminum material make the weight of the roof platform no longer a burden. Controlling the distance between the main body and the roof to the extreme can not only reduce wind noise, but also make the proportion of the whole vehicle more harmonious.

— Feature Design —
The mechanical structure connection not only meets the double-layer splicing, but also perfectly expands the equipment handle to load and unload materials more conveniently.

The adjustable design of the bracket makes the scope of application wider. Compatible models: Wrangler JK / Wrangler JL / Wrangler JT

Other models can be adjusted according to product specifications.

The mounting hole of the side tent canopy reserved by the bracket can be expanded by itself, and the rubber buffer block between the interlayers solves the problem of abnormal vibration and sound.

JK Version

The rear mounting bracket is a special bracket

The connection structure at the front end of the platform also expands the spotlight bracket in the most natural form. The adjustable and quick-release structure makes the compatibility of spotlights of various sizes stronger. The distance between the spotlight brackets and the number of brackets can be adjusted arbitrarily. Since there are many types of spotlights on the market, this time refer to PIAA RF10 series spotlights. Overall mosaic relationship can be achieved.

— JK version loading ratio —

— Loading ratio of JL version —

2. Awaken Flagpole Bracket

- Main structure -

The adjustable base can be applied to various models and scenes, evokes the iconic structural style. The reasonable radio antenna fixing bracket makes this flagpole stand a good link between the preceding and the following in the appearance of the vehicle.

— Loading display —

3.Awaken Side Bar

- Main Structure -

It is consistent with the roof platform and flagpole frame. The structural method of full mechanical connection makes the structure style of the whole vehicle unified. The extremely simple but not simple streamline and splicing relationship makes the fit between the side bar and the body more perfect, and the texture of every detail is handled to the extreme.

— Structure and Details —

It fits perfectly with the curved surface of the side of the body, and has a very coordinated ratio with the comprehensive width of the front and rear wheel arches.

Equipped with trim strips on the inside of the body, which can well cover the holes in the original car shell. Non-destructive installation does not require riveting, which transitions the connection between the side bar and the car shell.

The front/middle/rear parts of the mounting bracket can be connected very coherently with the main body and the car shell.

The rear bracket is perfectly compatible with the TERAFLEX long arm

The pedal width satisfies the pedaling comfort and at the same time coordinates with the proportion of the main body and the body to the greatest extent

— Matching FURY side skirt —


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