Awaken Series Gas Cover for Jeep Wrangler JK JL

Awaken Series Gas Cover for Jeep Wrangler JK JL

The first product of 2021 is still the "Awaken Series" that everyone loves. FURY's "pioneering spirit" will never disappoint anyone, and this issue will fully highlight FURY's "subversion".

"Fuel tank cap" I believe everyone can at least describe dozens of different products, but they have no changes in structural features except for the difference in patterns.

The structure of Awaken Series fuel tank cap, subversion is its biggest bright spot. I believe that many knowledgeable friends will know its structure at a glance, We call it the "Shaft clutch". When it is triggered, it is like loading a gun for an off-road vehicle, making you feel like you are on the battlefield every time you refuel.

Its second highlight is its hinge structure, which is no longer a single-axis flip, but a double-link door structure, which perfectly reflects the sense of mechanical equipment.

The switch structure of the "shaft clutch" knob is not only a force. It can also better prevent the traditional fuel tank cap spring structure from aging for a long time and fan problems, no matter how intense your driving section you can ensure safety.

 We set the knob to turn counterclockwise 90° according to your habitual knob action and opening and closing direction. Every time you turn the knob, the sound of the mechanical linkage structure will excite you.

We still continue the main process of FURY, the whole is engraving, not the post-processing of mold casting. Every detail line is clean and clear.LOGO is still FURY's iconic embossed mirror reflection.

This product still have JK/JL double version, I hope it will be favored by everyone.


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