Awaken Series Door handle

Awaken Series Door handle

With the start of Fury’s third series "Awaken", we have successively launched several Awaken series components, but they are all based on JL. In order to balance JK owners, we launch this new Awaken Series door handle.

Continue the style of FURY, adopts aluminum alloy, CNC carved and anodizing treatment process.

The overall structure of the handle this time is completely different from the first version. We use a multi-joint linkage structure, which can be opened in the form of a button or opened directly like the video shows. This may be a forward time point for the co-pilot who often runs comprehensive terrain competitions.

The secondary specular highlight of the awakening element is still reflected in this product. This is a perfect match with the previously released wake-up key case. Multi-joint linkage and component stretching can make you feel more excited every time you open the door.

With Original position non-destructive installation.

This product still has two colors for choosing, samurai black and titanium gray

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