Aeaken Series Hood Catch Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK JL

Aeaken Series Hood Catch Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK JL

From the Renold Hood Catch to the Armory Series Hood Catch, the design elements of the cover buckle are constantly being simplified. In the works of the Awaken series, is more inclined to structural design, removing those complicated pattern elements, and optimizing the overall structure and proportion. Classic, good-looking, tough, is the soul of Awaken Series.

The kit is composed of two parts, the main driver and the assistant driver. The assistant driver part: the design of the catch and the wide-angle lens, which has a stronger sense of equipment and better integrity.

The overall shape of the main driving seat is concise, the proportions are coordinated, and the structure is clear and clear.

In addition to the design upgrade of the Awaken Series Hood Catch Kit, the closing and locking mechanism is also more reasonable. Pin-type fixing makes opening and closing safer and more convenient. Long-term bumpy roads, intense driving, no looseness and abnormal noise. After being closed, it is parallel to the seam of the original car cover.

The wide-angle lens is FURY’s original product for the Wrangler. It has also been optimized in this version. The lens is widened by 20mm.

The co-pilot’s rearview angle of view is larger, the points of overtaking blind spots can be solved more thoroughly, and the horizontal and vertical switching at will.


The structural style of the Awaken Series Hood Catch Kit is related to the front and back of the tailgate integrated equipment group

so that the entire car is unified from the front to the back.


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